Cardiac Wellness & Longevity

Cardiac disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and with the right care, this could be prevented or delayed.  The field of cardiology moves at a rapid pace, and patients benefit from a physician who is clinically current that practices innovative medicine.  Our cardiac wellness and longevity program features unparalleled care from Dr. Rashkin, a Board Certified Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist.

The Aion program features lab testing, body composition monitoring and metabolic assessment to identify where future problems may arise. This also includes in depth cholesterol testing as well as looking at genetic factors that can increase the risk of heart disease.  Each patient receives a risk analysis and proposed regimen designed to optimize overall health and reduce risk factors.

There are no hoops for you to jump through, or referrals to battle – just prompt care and a provider who spends the quality time needed for a complete evaluation and treatment plan. At Aion, we are shifting the paradigm on how care is provided, with transparent pricing, and direct patient access to our team.

Start with a Consultation

If you’re ready for a personalized and comprehensive approach to your cardiac care and long-term wellness, get started with a consultation from Dr. Rashkin. Call our office at (301) 781-6266 for your appointment today or request an appointment below. 

The Aion Health Clinic is located at:
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